Tenant Screening

Avoid the eviction process by conducting tenant screening background checks.  By providing limited information we will give you a criminal background check at the Federal, State, and LocalCleveland Tenant Screening levels. Our investigations also provide you with penitent information verification purposes regarding driving records, vehicle listing, and eviction records, previous addressed, bankruptcies and liens. The listing of family members and associates may identify violent felons and/or possible sexual offenders residing under your roof.

While performing screenings and credit checks for potential new tenants, Icon screen Rental Housing, Apartments, Condo Services, Section 8 for criminal records, late pay, evictions, credit checks, lease agreement compliance, problematic noise, pay rent on time and verify employment all are within the confinements of the law.

By conducting tenant screening background check you can avoid the strenuous eviction process and lessen the risk of having your property vacated overnight.

Cleveland Tenant Screening Services