Icon Investigations & Security, Inc. Surveillance Investigators are experienced in working independently, have the ability to multitask, prioritize, and manage time effectively. In addition, conduct both stationary and mobile surveillance in various rural and urban areas and are comfortable with pretext investigations with no contact with the subject. We use covert techniques meeting the client’s guidelines of court evidence. Icon investigators are not new to insurance claims investigations, workers compensations claims, and suspicious claims which are primarily whatCleveland Surveillance surveillance is all about. In the past, our company has conducted many separate surveillance assignments. Every case is unique and presents different objectives and challenges. Choosing an investigation firm with extensive daily experience in the field is critical to the success of any surveillance case. Our investigators know not to have direct contact with subject whatsoever and they know where to establish a surveillance position. We know these things because we do it every day. To promote growth we help eliminate waste saving our clients thousands of dollars.

Cleveland Surveillance Services