Insurance Investigator / Suspicious Fraud

Icon Investigations & Security, Inc. is abreast of current information whereby we subscribe to several Federal/State organizations and attend monthly meetings where we hold Appointed Cleveland Insurance InvestigatorBoard positions with local organizations. The group consists of a group of investigators and lawyers in a live chat covering any and all topics such as, current and pending legislation, current scams and daily occurrences which may be pertinent to the group’s best interest. This chat tool reveals very specific information such as names of companies, places of occurrences (state) and legal/Investigative advice. Several organizations keep Icon abreast of criminal terrorists, security intelligence issues including activities and assistance in obtaining/maintain government contracts.

Icon Insurance Claims Investigators conduct activities of the Claimant, whom has an alleged injury. These patterns of activity are established through interview and surveillance and are used to determine the viability of a claim Icon private investigators perform due diligence on people who are risky and has suspicious red flags in his/her background.

Cleveland Suspicious FraudIcon Insurance Investigator is not new to surveillance work, whether it is insurance fraud, disabilities fraud, health insurance fraud, or workers compensation, or suspicious claims. Icon Fraud Investigator is ambitious and motivated professional with solid observation and reporting skills required through many years of experience as a field investigator. Icon investigator is in possession of surveillance equipment and is meticulous to details, flexible, and motivated. Icon investigator conduct surveillance of subject investigations related to suspicious fraud, to include surveillance, activity checks, background checks, and wellness checks, located and written and recorded statements. Icon Investigator is accustomed to working flexible hour, including weekends. Our investigators provide clear concise reports, video, and still video photographs to our clients. We know these things because we do it every day. Our experience has taught us every case is unique, therefore, we attempt to customize the surveillance assignment to meet the specific needs of each client.

Icon is responsible prospective company and has proven over the years to be capable of performing terms and conditions proposed by our clients. Icon to promote growth we provide investigative services to Insurance Agencies, Benefit Fraud, Clinical, and businesses to Risk Management eliminating waste saving our clients thousands of dollars.