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Businesses that hire employees without screening them are vulnerable to all kinds of problems, ranging from lawsuits to bankruptcy. Past behavior is usually a good predictor of future behavior. Thus, conducting a background check can help a company avoid the risk of trouble and even negligent-hiring lawsuits, in which employers can be held liable for the unlawful or improper actions of their employees if it can be shown they did not make reasonable inquiries into their background.Cleveland Employee Background Checks

Icon has been performing Pre-Post-employment screening and background checks for over a decade. Due to sensitive nature of our business, we cannot disclose to others the exact method of obtaining information. Icon Investigations & Security, Inc. employment screening for potential employees we verify the accuracy of an applicant’s claim and discover any possible criminal history, and workers compensation claims.  Icon regulatory compliance is active and audited by our insurance carrier and UiService annually.

While performing your screening and criminal checks for potential new employees, we screen work record history for date of employment, job title, earnings and reason for leaving, re-hire status, academic credentials-verify education background, high school graduation, college enrollment, college degree, driver’s records, and social security number check. Icon recognizes and understands that legal compliance is critical to all background checks. Icon provides the prospective employee candidate with named documents, the prospective employee candidate signature, and prior to submitting said prospective employee candidate to the Provider for background screening the following:

  • An Authorization of Release Information form; AND
  • A summary of Your Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act Form
  • Icon officials the name and telephone number of the person who handles our Adverse Action Letter, complaints and solutions. The Agency will clear up or remove any inaccurate, incomplete or unverifiable information.

Cleveland Background Check ServicesIcon Investigations & Security, Inc. will and do take extended measure to keep our clients’ information safe. Outside network access to Icon’s network is only open to our IT Consultant, all other access is restricted. Icon Investigations & Security, Inc. will and do take extended measure to keep our clients’ information safe.  Icon continues to remind staff during meeting and at all time “Treat client’s social security number and confidential information as if it were your own”. Icon has a Confidentiality Agreement   that each of our employees having access to client’s information must sign. Furthermore, any employee that violates this agreement will be automatically terminated. In addition, at the end of the work day all documents must be shredded.

Icon affirms that all citizens, will have executed a valid I-9 form and presented valid employment authorization documents and employees of Icon with Icon withholding all appropriate taxes, deduction, or contributions required under law; or independent contractors to.

Icon does not charge a setup fee or monthly service fee to use our services.

Cleveland Ohio Background Check Services