Background Check


Icon Investigations conducts several types of background checks and every background check we have can be tailored to your specifications. Icon requires all applicants before starting anyCleveland Background Check Services background check of any type to sign an Acknowledgement Consent Form. Icon requires the following information to conduct a comprehensive background check for each employee and/or comprehensive background check for persons serving in sensitive positions:

Client Name (inclusive of First, Middle and Last Names)

Full Address (inclusive of Address, Street, City, State and Zip Code)

Social Security Number

Date of Birth

The background check information will transmitted via the internet and secured via an encrypted file. The encryption will be secured via a password security.

The normal turn-around time on a request for a background check is forty-eight (48) hours (a.m.-5:p.m. eastern standard time) and a twenty-four (24) hour (8:a.m.-5 p.m. eastern standard time) turn-around for any type of background for individual, clients, and businesses are the same.

If Icon Investigations & Security, Inc. is delayed in complying with the terms and agreements due to strikes, lockouts, fire, war, public emergency, earthquake, Acts of God unusual delay by common carriers (not only limited to internet), unavoidable casualties, or any cause beyond Icon Investigations & Security, Inc., control including orders, limitation or restrictions of any Governmental agency having jurisdiction over the subject matter, or by delay authorized client/company, or for any cause which the client shall decide to justify the delay; then for all such delays and suspensions, Icon Investigations & ;Security, Inc., shall be allowed one (1) calendar day extension beyond the time agreed for each and every calendar day of such delay so caused in the completion of the work, the same to be ascertained by the customer.

Northern Ohio Background ChecksIcon Investigations & Security, Inc. can provide no guaranteed accuracy level for the background information provided for it is provided as reference material obtained from official records. Official certification can only be made from official record keepers of this information and our service is not an official record keeper. Icon Investigations & Security, Inc. obtains and compiles this data only and do not change the information in any way. In no event shall Icon Investigations & Security., be liable for damages of any nature, including any loss of profits, lost savings or other incidental or consequential damages arising out of the interpretation of our findings or inability to interpret our findings.  We make no warranty of any kind with respect to data or documents accessed, unless an original document with the Clerk of the Court filing stamp can be produced to substantiate proof of filing or error.

Icon Investigations & Security, Inc. utilizes various state and local sources in obtaining information for both background checks and cross-reference checks.

Icon Investigation & Security, Inc. is abreast of current information whereby we subscribe to several Federal/State organizations and attend monthly meetings where we hold Appointed Board positions with Local organizations.

Cleveland Ohio Background Checks