Armed/Unarmed Security Staff

Icon is a seasoned, reputable company and has worked in the security sector for many years for local and state government agencies. It is our intent to provide top-tier security professionals that is professional, intelligent and dedicated. Also, they are highly trained in security and customer service, for the protection of local, state or federally owned and/or leased assets, employees, and patrons to each work site/facility. Each officer is highly trained, suitable attired, and fully informed as to the task assigned. Our security officers are trained to work with people of different age groups, diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and orientations.Cleveland Armed Security ServicesIcon Investigations & Security is licensed in the state of Ohio and has experience in all applicable management skills necessary to perform all tasks.

Icon will develop appropriate processes for our clients, utilizing the lessons learned while performing previous contracts. Operations manuals are written; Quality processes are in place; background checks are part of our daily routine for potential new hires as well as all pre-requisite screenings; and Training Manuals are currently being utilized in the performance of current contracts. Our team members perform in a professional manner that our clients deserve. Our team can manage and perform the work as specified. Being the first face that visitors see when entering a private or government facility, our officers will be properly and neatly attired and groomed. The company has a standard that isCleveland Unarmed Security Servicesconsistently met daily. If any officer reports for duty in an unsuitable manner, a replacement officer will replace him/her in an expedient and professional manner. Icon employees will be citizens of the United States, have a Social Security Card, be a high school graduate or the equivalent, and have security guard or military experience. Icon’s Handbook gives a list of offenses that will not be tolerated reporting to work in an unfit condition is grounds for termination.