About Us

Mrs. Lyons’s company, Icon Investigations & Security, Inc. specializes in “Background Checks, Workers” Compensation surveillance and Uniformed Security Services”. The firm has developed a reputation for excellence among construction contractors, business entrepreneurs’, and local government. Mrs. Lyons has a wealth of experience, in Uniformed Armed/Unarmed Security Guard Services.

Mrs. Lyons considers herself a professional when it comes to protecting government city building. She has over (30) years of security experience. She has management and supervisory skill, the ability to do a security assessment, reporting hazardous unusual conditions, investigate and document any security violations, maintain daily logs and fire alarms, shut off valves, operate standpipe hoses, conduct evacuation procedures during shift work, conduct random searches of packages and or persons, utilize x-ray machines and metal detectors, professional courteous customer services, excellent telephone etiquette with the public, de-escalate maintain peace and order, and associated with CCTV, electronic intrusion devices. And computer savvy with excellent oral and written communications skills. In addition to running her company and attending monthly meeting, implement policies and procedures, timekeeping, including hiring, firing and disciplinary actions, and contract negotiations.

As a Licensed Private Investigator with The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation Mrs. Lyons focusing on Security Guard Applicants and Investigators registration. Her 30+ years of security experience helps her stay motivated that is evident in her hiring process. All security guards must be registered as mandated by state law and must have in their possession a current security identification card. These cards must be renewed annually. The Security officers with “Ohio Peace officer Training Commission” (OPOTA) and Qualifying fire Arm Bearer (F.A.B.) falls under Chapter 4749 of the Ohio Revised Code and Chapter 4501:5-1-19 of the Ohio Administrative Code (O.A.C.). Mrs. Lyons submits the following information in order for security applicants to receive and stay current with their guard cards. The Employee Registration Application, Qualifying Agent Firearm Bearer Notation Application, The Ohio bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I) from the Ohio Attorney General Office, London Ohio, Employee Termination Reports, Employee Renewal Application, PIS/GS Quarterly Reports and Icon’s annual License Renewal are services initiated to maintain the company license.

Mrs. Lyons focuses specifically on both Private Investigators and uniformed Armed/Unarmed Security Guards and has been able to manage and obtain winning contracts from individuals, Businesses and Local Government.

She has trained several security guards in understanding their recognition of purpose. Security Guards were trained that their primary purpose is to maintain order, protect clients, staff, visitors and property from harassment, injury, damage, theft, sabotage, fire, accidents, vandalism and to be alert to suspicious person and activities and to call Law Enforcement agencies when needed. Mrs. Lyons has provided witness testimony to state Worker’s Compensation Investigative cases, ending in termination and saving the client several thousand dollars.

Icon is a responsible prospective company and has proven over the years to be capable of performing the terms and conditions proposed by our clients.

• Icon has an A+ Rating with (BBB).
• Icon has a satisfactory record of integrity and business ethics.
• Icon has not been suspended, debarred, or otherwise determined to be ineligible for award of contracts by an agency at the U. S. Government.

By our past performance with the Reference companies, as well as others, we have proven that we are a responsible firm in providing services requested by our clients.
Icon’s owner, Gwendolyn Lyons, state as of this time, there are no conflict of interest areas.
Icon’s measurable goal is to stay focus through perseverance, profit, and performance.